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CGT Anti Growth

The labour Government in New Zealand are trying to say they are copying the world in tax reform. Strange really because after the Lange/Douglas reforms in the 80’s we thought we were leading…

So Called Green Policies in NZ

The more I hear the more annoyed I get. New Zealand has a coalition Government with the Greens not part of the actual government but guaranteeing supply. For this they have gained concessions….

Spur-Winged Plover

Rose in her morning walks noted a pair of Polvers at Milford Reserve on Auckland’s North Shore. So I recently went down with my Sigma telescopic lens for my Canon 5D Mk111 camera…

Photography and Insects Our Experience

Some of the most interesting subjects for Photographers come from the Insect world. For us it is not just the taking a decent shot it is creating opportunity to do so. Being small…

White -faced Heron on the water’s Edge

Off the heron goes again on its morning prowl. Behaviour and ecology Foraging white-faced herons walk slowly with long, controlled steps, watching for any signs of prey, which is grabbed with lightning speed….